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Jessica – Beauty and Massage Therapist

Tell us about yourself Jessica? I’m a general lover of life! and am passionate about many things , cooking and eating! , reading and learning, Exercising and more …. I enjoy my work , I am a self employed Massage and Beauty therapist and offer lots of different Treatments . How’s life? Life is good! […]

Alexandra – Partner at City Law Firm and Mother of 2

Tell us about yourself Alexandra? I am a partner in a City law firm and a mother of two. How’s life? Life is great! I needed a pause in my hectic life and I used the year of lockdowns to the max. My husband and I learnt TM just before the first lockdown and we […]

Andre – A Meditation Teacher, Mentor and Wellbeing Speaker

Ok, so I was asked to complete my own questionnaire so here goes.  It will probably come across promotional, that’s not its intention. Tell us about yourself Andre? I am an Independent Teacher of Transcendental Meditation (founder of Andre Berry Meditation), Mentor, Wellbeing Speaker and soon to be Podcaster (watch this space).   I spend most […]

Mete – A Hedge Fund Trader and Manager

Tell us about yourself Mete? I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey. Studied college and lived/worked in Chicago for 11 years and moved to London 4 years ago. I have been working in quantitative trading at various trading firms and hedge funds as a trader and manager. How is life? Life is pretty good to be honest, […]

Felicity – A Solution Architect

Tell us about yourself Felicity ? I am a Solution Architect supporting companies on their Cloud adoption journey. My area of focus is data. How’s life Felicity? Busy in a good way – it never feels like there are enough hours in a day for everything I’d like to do and learn. How many years […]

Candace – A Bridal Wear and Accessories Designer

Tell us about yourself Candace? I’m a bridal wear and accessories designer from North London. How’s life Candace? Life now is great despite the current pandemic and events of the past year; it has been a real period of personal growth for me. I account part of that to my daily meditation and yoga practice, […]

Stuart – A Managing Director

Tell us about yourself Stuart? At work, I head up a very busy, fast growing software company called Clear Review, and at home I have a family with two young children and a rescue dog with issues, all of whom need a lot of my attention! So it’s a very hectic, but rewarding life I […]

Enhance your Relationship with Meditation

A regular Meditation practise has many personal benefits but it can also positively affect our relationships with our loved one’s too.  Here are 4 ways in which daily practise can not only support, but enhance our connection with them.  Obviously, if both of you practise all the better!  Less Stress Many of us come across […]

Benefits of Living a Relatively Stress-Free Life

Let’s face it we can all Google Stress and get a list of the symptoms associated with it. So this entry is more about the benefits of living relatively stress-free.  For a life with as little stress as possible (for the record, some stress in one’s life is a good thing it can enhance brain […]

What are the different techniques out there and which is best for me?

Over the years I have been fortunate to of come across a few people in truly amazing spaces and it is fair to say many of them have cited, that  a regular Meditation programme has contributed. Unsurprisingly, not all of them practise one specific technique but they are certainly dedicated to what they practice Dedication […]