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Meditation in the Workplace

Apple, Google, Nike, Deutsche Bank, Mckinsey & Co, Procter and Gamble, Unilever and Microsoft are well documented to offer Meditation programmes to their staff.      Oprah Winfrey’s team actually sit down together and meditate before starting their working day and only recently I taught an organisation in London that now has a Group Meditation slot between […]

Maintaining a Regular Meditation Practice, Part 2

Continuing where we left off with Part 1 (https://andreberrymeditation.co.uk/maintaining-your-meditation-practice-part-1/), It’s good to look and learn from others who have become masters in their respective fields. It’s logical, especially if we think back to the previous post where we discussed the Footballer and Doctor who clearly have to live and breathe their chosen professions in order […]

Maintaining a Regular Meditation Practice, Part 1

We are coming upto 2022 and we have made our New Years Resolutions inwhich one of them is to Meditate regularly.  After all, our friends do it and they love it and every time we go on to YouTube or we read our favourite celebrities’ biography, who talk or write about how their practice quite […]