We cannot stop Jet Lag from happening but we can reduce the effects of it through Meditation

Jetlag (also known as Jet Lag Disorder) is a temporary sleep issue that can affect anyone who quickly travels across multiple time zones.

It’s where our body (that has its own internal clock called Circadian Rhythms) signals it when to stay awake and when to sleep takes time to re adjust to its new time zone.

It can be highly challenging for business people and flight crew who tend to be very active in between flights potentially causing additional and unwanted stress in their lives.

Meditation helps to deal with the additional stresses as well as with anxiety which can go along with it through the settling of the mind.

If you suffer from Jet Lag for maximum affects meditate before, during and after you fly.

Other things you can do to reduce the affects include some yoga postures (speak to your yoga teacher), drink plenty of water, whilst avoiding caffeine and alcohol and eat as light
as possible.

What you do when you land also helps. Sync in with whatever time of day is when you land. For example if its the morning try not to go to sleep.

Whilst there is no science behind this my little secret is that after I have landed I lie on the grass or go for a dip on the sea for a few minutes before meditating barefooted.

Kind of feels like the ultimate grounding after spending so much time up in the air. I  love it and rarely struggle with it now.

I can recommend Andre’s TM course. It was easy to follow and really enjoyable. The time flew by and the practice has already helped with my stress levels. Looking forward to enjoying the process for years.



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