Positive Thinking as many of us know it, has been around since the late 1920’s where after the Great Depression, two books were released that tried to change the way much of society think.  

They were “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and “Think Rich Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  Ever since then 100’s of books on the topic have dominated our bookshelves and thus our lives.  

But for many of us, as nice as it sounds, it’s can be easier said than done and there are reasons for this… 

Whilst having a positive attitude is said to bring many benefits to us including Reduction of Stress Levels, Improved Mental Health, Better Physical Health and a Wonderful Social Life.  All of which are believed to greater levels of success in all that do.  

It can sometimes require a huge amount of effort in converting or suppressing what we believe to be a negative thought or feeling to something more appealing.  This is energy that could potentially be used elsewhere.

So alternatively, rather than use this excess to go against the natural flow of our thoughts when we could just learn to deal with all of them more efficiently and effectively.  

This is something we all have access to by regularly meditating.  As such practices expand one’s awareness of the mind, enhancing our capabilities in dealing with all kinds of thoughts, simply, easily and effortlessly       

In time and with a little dedication we would be less affected by all of them and the more we are, the more confident we would naturally become.  

An openness, potentially leading to a fearless approach to life could well follow, as we would be less affected by the potential consequences of our actions (we would become more confident in dealing with whatever emotions come our way).  Approaching them as naturally as a seasoned surfer takes on wave after wave of an ocean as it presents it!

The benefits mentioned earlier by having a positive attitude would also naturally come into play.  Stress Levels would be reduced (after all what would we have to worry about) automatically improving our Mental Health, leaving us more energised and confident in all that we do.  

A new approach to life would then naturally resonate in all that we do as we would have lesser concerns in a world that where lets face it, will always be packed with one challenge after another!


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