Tell us about yourself Vanessa?

I am an executive coach and mother of 2 grown up children. I’m 54 and live alone.

How’s life?

Life is complex and beautiful and sometimes challenging.

What drew you to meditation in the first place?

I wanted an extra resource in my life for my self as I am very independent.

What first there words come to mind when describing the benefits of meditation?

It’s a protective balm for my mind and soul and emotions

How has it affected you in the work place?

I’m much more still when listening to clients

Outside of work has there been many changes?

Yes – I am more grateful, more calm, less triggered or anxious, more happy

Why would you recommend meditation to colleagues and friends?

For all the above reasons !

Finally , anything you’d like to add?

I meditate every day and twice usually but it’s ok to just do the best you can . It is an incredible resource and makes a difference to how one experiences life. I know Andre is there if I have any questions and that is lovely 🙏

Meeting Andre for the first time was a bit like that famous scene in ‘When Harry met Sally’, in that I thought ‘I’ll have what he’s having!’ The spontaneous love and joy that radiates from him is very inspiring, and seemingly boundless, like a laughing Buddha. He’s a wonderful teacher, hugely compassionate, understanding of everyone’s journey over the course and the very embodiment of enthusiasm! Grianne

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