18 years ago when I first started looking at Meditation as a way for dealing with stress.  I must admit I was concerned that whilst I accepted it may help me deal with such levels of discomfort.  It may also take away my energy and alround passion for life.

This was largely down to my perception of what meditation is, along with seeing pictures of people meditating and looking so calm.  This was enhanced further after connecting with teachers, some of whom came across very content in life.

Whilst these were all qualities I admired I certainly didn’t want to lose anything as a consequence of it.

Fortunately through becoming a teacher and more importantly experiencing it first hand I now recognise we don’t lose that energy or passion for life rather than become more connected to it

In learning how to deal with stress more efficiently through meditation our body becomes less affected by it.  

Thus energy that would naturally be tied up in coping with such situations would instead be put to better use such as our passions of living life itself.

Many that have learnt, have also understood the power of such practice through experience doesn’t so much as chill us out, rather than invigorate us. 

Allowing us to take on the challenges of life in more of an alert, energised and present state and whilst a sense of calm is also often experienced it doesn’t actually stop us from doing anything rather than supports us in doing it.

Recent Testimonial 

I can recommend Andre’s TM course. It was easy to follow and really enjoyable. The time flew by and the practice has already helped with my stress levels. Looking forward to enjoying the process for years.

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