There are some that believe Meditation should be free and that it should not be charged and I respect their opinion and if they can maintain a regular daily practise through that.

However when I first started meditating, I didn’t really understand what I was doing and in doing so misinterpreted so much that was going on….

I found myself giving up regularly way too soon and as I hadn’t invested anything, other than a little time. I didn’t really mind, thus creating a negative habit that would come round again and again

Once it got to a stage that I really needed to learn properly I then decided to invest in a teacher and the newly invested interest along with regular guidance and support on offer drove me to practise more consistently.

That was 14 years ago and I have been practising twice a day ever since and of course now teach and this is exactly why I charge.

A meditation teacher offers support through knowledge that has been gained through 1,000’s hours meditating and almost as much time studying.

It’s rarely done for just money and much of it what does come in, goes towards overheads such as travel, venue hire (very expensive) as well as the support thereafter.

Our ongoing support gives you not only access to our twice daily drop in online sessions but also 1 on 1 access to us throughout the day whether that is a few weeks after the course itself or 10 years later.

You can even repeat the course for free, as a kind of refresher at anytime another course is running.

As well as have access to our Meditation and Yoga days and Retreats (additional fees are required here)!

All for a one off investment of just £340 (if household is earning over £60,000 a year) and £240 (if earning less)

That all said if you are ill, struggling financially or you really feel despite all that has been said it should still be free. Yet really want to learn!

As long as you are prepared to be as committed to learning as I would be to teaching and supporting you then contact me and let’s have a chat

Truly enjoyed teaching sessions with Andre. I’ve been trying out TM by myself based on whatever info I was able to get from various sources but only after meeting Andre I have managed to actually stick to the habit of meditating. Perhaps partly thanks to the good old ‘if I paid for it I might as well do it’ but mostly thanks to his insightive approach and ability to give answers before questions are even asked. I highly recommend connecting with Andre if you wish to learn TM method. The lifelong support he offers is a great addition to encourage anybody to continue practicing regardless of what difficulties they might stumble upon.


For more information or to book upcoming course in Transcendental Meditation or to book a wellbeing talk for your office please contact