Introductory Talks with Andre

We deliver all our Introductory Talks 1-1 over the phone or online via Zoom.  

These are designed to inform you of the TM technique, where it comes from and the benefits connected with it.

We will cover how stress is accumulated through the activities of everyday life and how by using this simple easy and effortless technique we can deal with them naturally and highly effectively. We will then explore what kind of benefits we can expect to experience by having a regular meditation practise.

At the end there will then be an opportunity for questions.  Talks generally last approximately 1 hour.

Any further information, feel free to email or call me on 07738167803 to book your space.

How does it work?

Course structure

Transcendental meditation courses are taught according to the vedic tradition
through the following 4 sessions:

The first session is a private one-to-one session where you will be given personal instruction. This includes a brief ceremony which is chanted in sanskrit in gratitude from the teacher to the tradition.
Shortly after, you will receive your mantra and will be taught how to use it properly (the key to the whole process of meditation).
You will then have the opportunity to ask a few questions before leaving for the day. This session will last approximately an hour.

The second session is about the practicalities of meditation in which we discuss “best practice”.
Here you will learn that, unlike so many other meditations, this technique doesn’t need to go with the breath or require you to sit in a posture you are not used to.
Lots of other areas are discussed to ensure you have a thorough understanding about where and how best to meditate.

The third session is about the mechanics of meditation. Here is where we start to talk about what’s really going on when we think the mantra.
We will also talk about how we accumulate stress and how we can release it, the fight or flight theory and the mind and body.

The fourth session is all about the longer term benefits of meditation and what you can expect to get out of meditating regularly.
We discuss “the zone”, the greater levels of self-awareness you can expect to experience with regular practice and, more importantly, what it all means.
Throughout the sessions you will receive group meditation and mantra checks as well as one-to-one time with your teacher.

Thereafter, you will receive the following continuous support and guidance:

Telephone contact with your teacher to answer any concerns you may have with your practice
Access to refresher courses
Regular meditators’ meetings with group meditations
Access to talks, retreats, walking meditations and yoga holidays

Course Fees

In order to allow everyone access to this training in Transcendental Meditation, course fees vary according to income. In paying honestly what you can for your training, you are expressing your valuing of this training and your commitment to the practice. If you are interested in these meditation courses in London and beyond please contact Andre.

Those Who Are On Benefits or Students

£ 185

Household Income Under £60,000

£ 285

Household Income Over £60,000

£ 385

Upcoming Courses

Central London, London

27th, 28th and evening of 29th July 

28th, 29th and evening of 30th September  

Islington, London

Coming soon!

Bath, Somerset

7th, 8th and evening 9th September 

Clifton, Bristol

Coming soon!


Coming soon!


14th, 15th and evening of 16th September

Corporate and Private courses also available for more information please contact me