Christmas season is here again, it’s a time for family and friends to come together and bring happiness to one another.

It’s also a time when the many of the positive wellbeing habits that we have so wisely incorporated into our lifestyle over the last few months 

Start to fall by the wayside as party invitation after invitation starts to come through and let’s be honest who doesn’t enjoy a good party!

But there is room for both, we just really need to want it and why wouldn’t we want to maintain our regular meditation and yoga practise throughout this period 

For whilst the family get togethers and parties can be fun for most.  It can also an extremely stressing period too.    

Infact whilst many will have a great Christmas, 2 in 5 Britons will have felt stressed during the festive season, while about 1 in 4 will of struggled with anxiety or depression.

As we know Meditation and Yoga not only effectively deals with anxiety and depression and other stress related issues it can also bring a natural sense of happiness too.

A sense of happiness that leads to a greater yet more natural appreciation of all that we have right here, right now.  The ultimate present of presence in so many ways!      

So let’s bring a little extra Christmas cheer and sparkle this year to our lives and look to maintain our practise throughout and if we don’t have a practise now, then what an incredible time to learn. 

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