Mark Kincaid

Ayurveda: the science of life and longevity

Astrology is the eternal science of “Light” who’s purpose is to bring out the essential knowledge and wisdom – that life itself is indeed, truly astrological. This means that our personal, essential astrology – most accurately and profoundly fits us – which then has such important and powerful benefits and advantages for us, personally.

In addition to this, today, the entire field of astrology is also so greatly changing and improving and as a result of this; becoming even more accurate and profound than ever before.

For example, millions today are discovering for the first time, just how much more accurate and profound that traditional eastern astrological system is.

In other words, not only does our personal astrology most precisely “fit us” – but because of these same, all-important astrological improvements today; we can now use this same astrology 1) As one such self-develop-ment tool and 2) This then will allow such an astrology to also be utilized as the most exciting and significant of human Success tools, as well.

Mark Kincaid
Founder Modern Day “Nature’s Astrology”
Leader in field of astrology now for over 41 years.