With an increasing amount of meditation apps becoming available. We explore the benefits of them and whether they are superior to that of learning with a teacher. Obviously I will attempt to keep my own biases to a minimum 😉

Pro Meditation Apps
Meditation Apps are easy to access on our Phone or PC allowing us the opportunity to practise anywhere.

They offer a greater variety of Meditations on their platform allowing for more choice and timings to suit the time us and the mood we are in at the time.

By having access to so many different teachers on their platforms we are able to connect to ones that resonate with us most.

They are cost effective and some are even free making it ideal to those on a budget.

Cons Meditation Apps

Apps may not be able to provide personalised guidance or be able to tailor their instructions to our specific needs and challenges.

They are unable to address specific questions or concerns we may have.

Without external accountability, it can be challenging to maintain consistency and overcome obstacles that may arise during our practice.

Pros Meditation Teacher

A meditation teacher offers personalised instruction, tailored to our needs and goals, helping us deepen our understanding of our practice.

They can observe our practice and provide feedback, preventing misinterpretation of experience.

A teacher can create a bespoke practise that considers our aspirations

Working with a teacher provides a sense of accountability and encouragement, which can be beneficial in maintaining consistency and overcoming obstacles.

Teachers can offer us a deeper understanding of the philosophies and principles associated with our practise.

Invariably many teachers have Meditation and Yoga communities that we can be part of allowing us to connect with other likeminded Souls.

Meditation Teacher Cons

Hiring a meditation teacher can appear pricey when compared to using a meditation app.

Finding one that can teach when we are free to learn may be difficult.

Connecting with a teacher who resonates with our own journey isn’t always possible.

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