We are coming upto 2022 and we have made our New Years Resolutions inwhich one of them is to Meditate regularly. 

After all, our friends do it and they love it and every time we go on to YouTube or we read our favourite celebrities’ biography, who talk or write about how their practice quite literally changed their life!  

Plus now, there is more and more research out there to indicate that indicate a regular meditation practice is more than just a hippy thing from the 1960s but a tool to help deal with pretty much everything life throws at us. 

A powerful tool indeed!

Yet, none the less we just can’t get that regular practice happening.  We read a book or 2 or you go on youtube and watch a couple of clips. We feel inspired briefly but it rarely lasts and even when we do manage a few moments to close our eyes…

All we find ourselves doing is fidgeting around, whilst thinking about our next meeting, what time we are catching up with our mates and more importantly what’s for dinner! (Depending on what you practice this is not necessarily a bad thing you maybe just interpreting the experience incorrectly).

This, of course, can be very frustrating and quite often rather than persisting, we give up saying we gave it our best but it wasn’t really for us or we try something else only for that to follow a similar pattern!

However, the key to a regular practice isn’t in the books, a youtube clip or even a course we undertake… 

It’s about creating a new mindset from the one we currently have that will allow us to benefit from that “improved self-awareness” “increased energy levels” or “greater clarity of thought” often associated with a regular meditation practice and it is one based around dedication!

I suppose it’s kinda obvious, after all, if you take any profession in the world.  Whether it be a footballer or a doctor, in order for them to be at their very best in their field they have to be totally dedicated to their practice whether it be healing patients or entertaining the crowds.

In Part 2 of Maintaining a Regular Meditation Practise, we will explore the art of creating a dedicated practise and not only is it not as hard as we think it would be but also we will be delighted to read, we won’t have to put in anywhere near as many hours as a wannabe doctor or footballer would do to perfect theirs.   


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