Continuing where we left off with Part 1 (,

It’s good to look and learn from others who have become masters in their respective fields.

It’s logical, especially if we think back to the previous post where we discussed the Footballer and Doctor who clearly have to live and breathe their chosen professions in order to excel.

Whilst we are not looking to become “professionals” as such, being at the very least, interested in how stress affects the Mind can only help motivate us to deal with it as efficiently and as effectively as possible!  

Plus, we should want to know more.  It’s crazy that we don’t, every challenge we face in life can be made easier through greater awareness of the Mind’s potential and Meditation does just that naturally, easily and effortlessly!

Now that we are more inspired, if we haven’t already, attend a Meditation Course.  I know there are plenty of books and more and more are online. But look for courses where we can work directly with a teacher. 

For when they are working directly with us, they are able to recognise subtle differences between a correct and incorrect practice that wouldn’t always be so obvious in a book or online.  

Once we have learned, attend any support sessions that are available.  They invariably serve as an excellent refresher, packed with knowledge and attract like-minded souls (who can also be wonderful in encouraging you through times we would rather do something else, which happens to us all)!    

Any decent teacher out there, of which there are many.  Will offer continued support. Some will offer it online and on the phone, others will offer group meetings, retreats and a few will offer 1:1 meetings too.  Just so you know we offer it all 😉   

Now, look to create a environment/lifestyle that supports our practice.  For will power alone does not work.  We eventually tire and as we do naturally drop into bad/lazy habits.    

Nothing too excessive, but do explore the idea getting a good night’s sleep, as sleep affects everything we do including Meditation and Yoga (If you are struggling with sleep I do recommend “Sleep” by Nick Littlehales who has some excellent tips on how to get a great night’s sleep also “Why we Sleep” by Matthew Walker is very good.  Meditation itself will also help).        

To add, in “Atomic Habits” by James Clear (a very good book on the art of maintaining good habits) he believes initially in small changes/shifts integrated into our day, rather than big ones are the way forward when looking to grow your Meditation.      

So whether our practice requires you to “Close Your Eyes” once a day, twice a day, or numerous times throughout the day.  Some time is better than no time!  

In time, 5 minutes will become 10 minutes, 10 minutes will become 15 and so on.  

Next thing we know the regularity will become our new norm, by attending support sessions we are now interpreting experiences correctly, we are also more motivated than ever to maintain our practice because we understand the benefits of meditation and we not only have support as and when we want it but we now have access to like-minded friends who also think the same way as we do and that is Meditation not only works but is AMAZING!!   


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We are coming upto 2022 and we have made our New Years Resolutions inwhich one of them is to Meditate regularly. 

After all, our friends do it and they love it and every time we go on to YouTube or we read our favourite celebrities’ biography, who talk or write about how their practice quite literally changed their life!  

Plus now, there is more and more research out there to indicate that indicate a regular meditation practice is more than just a hippy thing from the 1960s but a tool to help deal with pretty much everything life throws at us. 

A powerful tool indeed!

Yet, none the less we just can’t get that regular practice happening.  We read a book or 2 or you go on youtube and watch a couple of clips. We feel inspired briefly but it rarely lasts and even when we do manage a few moments to close our eyes…

All we find ourselves doing is fidgeting around, whilst thinking about our next meeting, what time we are catching up with our mates and more importantly what’s for dinner! (Depending on what you practice this is not necessarily a bad thing you maybe just interpreting the experience incorrectly).

This, of course, can be very frustrating and quite often rather than persisting, we give up saying we gave it our best but it wasn’t really for us or we try something else only for that to follow a similar pattern!

However, the key to a regular practice isn’t in the books, a youtube clip or even a course we undertake… 

It’s about creating a new mindset from the one we currently have that will allow us to benefit from that “improved self-awareness” “increased energy levels” or “greater clarity of thought” often associated with a regular meditation practice and it is one based around dedication!

I suppose it’s kinda obvious, after all, if you take any profession in the world.  Whether it be a footballer or a doctor, in order for them to be at their very best in their field they have to be totally dedicated to their practice whether it be healing patients or entertaining the crowds.

In Part 2 of Maintaining a Regular Meditation Practise, we will explore the art of creating a dedicated practise and not only is it not as hard as we think it would be but also we will be delighted to read, we won’t have to put in anywhere near as many hours as a wannabe doctor or footballer would do to perfect theirs.   


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Being Dyslexic and never passing a single written exam, I have always found communication through the written word a challenge.

But as I continue this year in attempting to push beyond in all that I do and not just everything I enjoy.  I felt I should start writing my very own Blog.

Not going to lie, partly because of my website guy (the hugely impressive Andrea Meneghini) said it would add further personality to whilst also becoming more Google friendly.  A good thing…I guess!

Pushing ones Comfort Zones is of course important.  It gives us confidence, reduces anxiety and creates a greater awareness of our true potential, all of which can lead to a real sense of satisfaction, growth and all-round happiness.  Characteristics, we can all benefit from I am sure you will agree!

It’s not always easy, it’s not meant to be, after all, we are going into unchartered territories.

This piece may seem to be a pretty smooth first post but the reality is that I starred at the screen blankly for a while before disappearing to do some Yoga, Meditation and then have lunch before eventually setting down to just do it…..frustratingly slowly!

As you can see it is now completed, largely down to a stubborn streak that lies within me.  That once I set my mind to do something I rarely, if ever back down.  Plus additional support in the form of my regular twice daily Meditation practice!

Being an Independent Teacher of Transcendental Meditation (TM), I am fortunate to witness and understand not only my own growth since learning this wonderful Meditation from the Vedic Tradition

Also, others who I have taught this simple yet highly effective technique to, as they have gone on to tackle the challenges of everyday life with newfound levels of confidence.

This is simply down to greater self-awareness and naturally finding yourself not to taking it all quite so seriously (all of which we will explore in future posts).

Thinking about how this post has come together today, in the past, I would have pushed through with grit and determination to make this happen.  I would have grimaced a few times and no doubt swore a lot.

Whereas now its actually been a pleasant process.  A long one, but an enjoyable one none the less.  Cool!  Next up, Stand Up Comedy!


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