Let’s face it we can all Google Stress and get a list of the symptoms associated with it.

So this entry is more about the benefits of living relatively stress-free.  For a life with as little stress as possible (for the record, some stress in one’s life is a good thing it can enhance brain activity and improve all round mental and physical performance and wellbeing) is a positive one indeed and one that we should all aspire to head towards and as we do, expect to see changes in much of what we do and how we do it.

Feeling More Energised

Our bodies are incredible machines with huge untapped energy resources much of which are tied up in our stressed-out body.  The less stressed we are, the lighter we become both physically and mentally naturally leading to increased energy levels affecting our thought processes, creativity and much more!

Sleep Better

In order to make the most of our lives, sleep is vital.  It recharges our brains and allows bodies to rest.  With less stressful thoughts occupying our minds the more likely we can not only sleep longer but deeper too, allowing us to reap the full healing benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Naturally start to become Healthier

Emotionally we become more balanced and with that comfort eating becomes less of an issue as we are not as likely to be drawn to food with high Fat and Sugary content.

Instead, cravings for more healthier options become more desirable as we seek to maintain the balance, we have created for ourselves.

Exercise becomes a more meditative experience as we become more mindful of every step and breath we take.

Enhanced Libido

With less stress, expect sexual desire to increase as the mind and body becomes freer from the challenges and rigours of everyday life, changing from one’s mood from tired and fed up to open and liberated and with increased energy levels (please see above) we are now able to express more easily and effortlessly than ever before.


Not just big cheesy smiles on our faces rather than periods of pure contentment and peace in all that we do.  Work begins to appear less challenging, yet more rewarding, relationships with friends and family become closer, we are now more sociable and life itself becomes a joy as emotionally we are now stronger and more balanced as the stress within us diminishes leaving us more in touch with ourselves than ever before.

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