Over the years I have been fortunate to of come across a few people in truly amazing spaces and it is fair to say many of them have cited, that  a regular Meditation programme has contributed.

Unsurprisingly, not all of them practise one specific technique but they are certainly dedicated to what they practice

Dedication is as important as the practise itself.  There really is no quick fix.  Afterall, you get out what you put in and anyone who suggests otherwise, we should automatically be wary of.

That said, the benefits of regularly meditating, are so overwhelmingly in favour of our wellbeing it’s certainly worth exploring what is out there.

With that in mind here is a small sample of some of the more popular ones for you to look into.

To make things easier Meditation has recently been split into 3 categories

1. Focus Attention Meditation (FAM) are concentrative meditation techniques.  This  is when we focus our attention on a single object.  Which can be internal or external.  Typically Meditations associated with these are Zen, Qi Gong, Mantra Japa and Vipassana.

2. Open Monitoring Meditation (OMM) is where we explore feelings, thoughts and sensations that are currently present in our body.  It is also possible to change and adapt some FAM to have a more OMM experience.  Typically Mindfulness, Body Scans and Loving Kindness are often associated with this.

3. Automatic Self-Transcending (AST) are techniques that typically transcend general activity of the mind.  Minimal effort if any is encouraged throughout the process.  Techniques associated with this are Transcendental Meditation, Vedic Meditation and Qi Gong

How do I go about choosing?
Research, if available go to Introductory Talks or speak to the Teacher who will be teaching you.  Once again be wary of anyone who is too pushy or has little respect for other techniques (Personally, I have always found this a little disappointing).  Ideally, one that offers continuous support after you have learnt for this is the key to your success.

Which is best?
If you are practising regularly.  They all offer tremendous benefits, they just have a different approach.  What really matters is which technique resonates with you and how comfortable you are in practising it.  Because that will contribute to whether you maintain your practise or not.

For more information on upcoming events including courses on Transcendental Meditation please contact me directly at hello@andreberrymeditation.co.uk