A regular Meditation practise has many personal benefits but it can also positively affect our relationships with our loved one’s too.  Here are 4 ways in which daily practise can not only support, but enhance our connection with them.  Obviously, if both of you practise all the better! 

Less Stress

Many of us come across stressful situations throughout the day and rather than process them as and when they happen, we can tend to suppress them, often bringing them back home to our loved ones.  However by regularly Meditating we deal with these everyday challenges far more efficiently and are thus less likely to take it out on our nearest and dearest.

More Open and Expressive 

A relationship thrives on any opportunity to evolve and grow.   Often that growth is seen materially and that’s fine but it is also exactly what we do when we close our eyes to meditate.  It’s the reason why we get so much satisfaction from it.  As the more often we dip into our more refined states of consciousness the more expressive, open and trusting of our own intuition we become affecting all around us but especially the ones closest to us.  As everyday experiences from most shallow to the most intimate kind naturally become more expansive!

Enhanced Communication

Misinterpretation and Misunderstanding happens less and less as we become more aware of each others emotions and feelings.  Many who have Meditated for a while, also notice they have more awareness of their senses allowing them to react from a more centred space.

A Deeper Connection leads to greater Happiness, Resilience and Security

The deeper our connection grows with each other the stronger and more resilient we become.  A tree, deeply rooted to the earth is less likely to be affected by the conditions it faces every day, than one where the roots are shallow.  It feels secure, safe and assured regardless of the weather conditions around it.  Relationships are very similar in the way that there will always be challenges but the deeper the connection the more resilient we become along with a knowing that we can get through whatever comes our way!  It is both beautiful and immensely powerful.  

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