Tell us about yourself Alexandra?

I am a partner in a City law firm and a mother of two.

How’s life?

Life is great! I needed a pause in my hectic life and I used the year of lockdowns to the max. My husband and I learnt TM just before the first lockdown and we used the time to establish a regular TM practice.

How many years have you been Meditating? 

I have been meditating for just over 3 years now.

What drew you to Meditation in the first place?

I was practicing Mindfulness meditation for a number of years however I felt that whilst I was enjoying it I was not loving it. I also was not sure whether I was doing it correctly. A good friend suggested that I try TM, as the technique is effortless and easy and the feeling of stress leaving you is almost imminent.

What first 3 words come to mind when describing the benefits of your Meditation Practise?

Calming, De-stressing, Energising.

How has it affected you in the workplace?

I deal with high value complex cases which can be rather challenging and stressful. TM helps me maintain focus when dealing with various urgent issues in a collected and calm way.

Outside of work has there been many changes?

Outside of work, I feel I have a lot more energy and patience which really makes a difference especially when dealing with teens.

Why would you recommend Meditation to Colleagues and Friends?

I believe everyone should meditate. Mediation is a holistic and easy way to improve the quality of life and strengthen mental health. I only wish I learnt it when I was in my early 20s.

Finally, anything you would like to add?

Since learning TM I have not missed a single session. I love it! I am so grateful to my incredible teacher Andre Berry – whose patience and great knowledge supported me throughout my first year of TM. I really look forward to each session and to many years of meditation to come