Ok, so I was asked to complete my own questionnaire so here goes.  It will probably come across promotional, that’s not its intention.

Tell us about yourself Andre?

I am an Independent Teacher of Transcendental Meditation (founder of Andre Berry Meditation), Mentor, Wellbeing Speaker and soon to be Podcaster (watch this space).  

I spend most of my time delivering Wellbeing Talks and teaching Meditation to Individuals, Groups and Organisations within the Corporate Sector.  When not doing this, I’m supporting them to ensure best practise is maintained through 1-1 Sessions, Rounding Days and Retreats. 

How is life?

Wonderful, I go to bed every night excited to be alive and wake up every morning with a feeling as if I am hovering over the floor.  Life is a joy and only gets better and whilst like everyone I have my ups and downs.  They don’t seem to affect me quite as much as they used to and I just love that.     

How many years have you been Meditating?

I have been exploring meditation for 17 years in which 13 of them I have been practising Transcendental Meditation (TM).  Since learning TM I have meditated twice a day, every day.   Only missing 1 session and even that was deliberate (will explain another time)   

What drew you to Meditation in the first place?

I had a great job, within an amazing industry and was paid well. I did what I wanted, when I wanted to.  Yet it never felt enough and the more I tried to do to rectify this, the bigger that feeling became.  

It started to affect me in all that I did.  Short temper, frequently frustrated, periods of depression and generally blaming the world and everyone around for how I felt etc  This was actually familiar territory, Throughout my life I had been reliving these same feelings time and time again.  Maybe a different environment but always led to the same inevitable outcome.     

Finally realising this and knowing that if I didn’t address it, it would be the same thing repeating itself over again for the rest of my life.  I had to do something, I had to change.

I decided to explore Meditation at this point (TM came later) as it made the most sense.  After all as many of the great teachers say, we need to “water the root to enjoy the fruit” and that root was very much within me, not around!

What first 3 words come to mind when describing the benefits of your Meditation Practise?

Energised, Focused and Present 

How has it affected you in the workplace?

I am more energised, focused and am far more efficient with admin which is what I usually find most challenging.  

When teaching or delivering talks my levels of enthusiasm have increased (and they were pretty high when I started) considerably and when I say that, I don’t mean bouncing up and down and from side to side with a big cheesy smile on my face rather than a genuine and pure passion for what I do. 

I also have regular experiences of dropping into a very present, flow state without trying to be and in doing so have become a more expansive listener and communicator during teaching as well as when connecting with potential clients.    

I rarely, if ever get bored and I often find myself humming with a smile on my face.  Many people often notice and comment on this.          

Outside of work has there been many changes?

In general the “never feeling satisfied” comment mentioned in the “what drew me to meditation” has now been largely replaced with a feeling of being excitingly content.  

My relationship with loved ones has also developed as a natural urge to support the glorious connection that we have is enhanced and whilst of course I loose my temper, get agitated and frustrated (I am only human after all).   It seldom lasts long, before I find myself just letting it go and moving on!       

I enjoy much of what I do and feel very satisfied whether that is washing the dishes (I can’t believe I am typing this right now and kind of know I am going to be set up at some stage and reminded of this), cooking, going for a walk or clubbing.  I love to dance!   

Without even trying, life has become simple, easy and pretty effortless yet at the same time highly fulfilling.  

Nowadays, I go to bed most if not all nights being very grateful for my day.  It’s not an intellectual experience packed with affirmations forcing one’s mood.  Rather than a genuine appreciation, that naturally resonates throughout.        

Why would you recommend Meditation to Colleagues and Friends?

If I’m honest, I’m a little wary of recommending, partly because I am teaching it but also I know in many ways people need to find it for themselves. 

But the reality is I just feel so good for it.  It has literally save my life!  I now wake up every morning raring to go and with a belief that I am going to be just fine whatever I undertake and that feeling just grows and grows with each passing day.         

Finally, anything you would like to add?

Going to use the famous shoe wear slogan here “just do it” I mean it doesn’t have to be TM and it certainly doesn’t have to be with me.  But if you are struggling in any part of life.  The unfortunate reality is if you don’t do anything about it, it’s not going to go away.   So please do something!