Tell us about yourself Candace?

I’m a bridal wear and accessories designer from North London.

How’s life Candace?

Life now is great despite the current pandemic and events of the past year; it has been a real period of personal growth for me. I account part of that to my daily meditation and yoga practice, which I find helps to keep me balanced and grounded and has helped me to gain a much more positive perspective on this past year! I’m very grateful that many things have changed for the better both in my personal and work life.

How many years have you been meditating? 

I learnt Transcendental Meditation in April 2008 and have now been meditating for 13 years.

What drew you to Meditation in the first place? 

I was in my first graduate job at the time; while things overall were going well in my life I had an underlying and gradual building level of stress leading to anxiety within my new role. My mum had read about Transcendental Meditation and suggested it as a good option to potentially manage my stress, so I booked onto the course with no expectations and an open mind. My mum and sister ended up learning the technique a year later, and we often do group meditations together which are wonderful. I can honestly say while the benefits initially seemed very subtle within myself it has been life changing for me, as it’s one of my greatest tools to manage stress and maintain life balance!

What first 3 words come to mind when describing the benefits of your Meditation Practise? 

Calming, Release, Recharge

How has it affected you in the workplace? 

I run my own business, and my hours can be unpredictable (I often work late evenings). I stop at 6 when I’m in my studio; whatever I’m doing I take a break to meditate and currently I tend to join the online group meditations. I find they’re great for refreshing both my body and mind as I’m usually flagging by that time! My morning meditations help me to focus and give me a more positive mindset with which to start my day, which in turn helps to get my workday off to a productive start.

Outside of work has there been many changes? 

Overall I can manage my stress levels better; I also enjoy being present and taking in the moment more – previously (and something I’m still working on) I would always be thinking about the next thing and not practicing mindfulness, which is something I now like to integrate into my everyday life.

Why would you recommend Meditation to Colleagues and Friends?

It’s a great way to manage your stress, have some time to yourself without distractions to recharge and can really help with sustaining a better work/life balance. Plus, I find the actual meditations very relaxing and enjoyable!

Finally, anything you would like to add?

I’ve met some of the nicest people and made some friends for life from the lovely community of people I know that practice Transcendental Meditation; something which I didn’t expect at all and a bonus of learning the practice! I also love attending Andre’s Retreats and Rounding Saturdays, as they are all incredibly restful and give me such a boost of energy – especially meditating with so many people at once. I’d highly recommend them!

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