Previously we wrote about a morning routine and how by having one it’s starts the day in the best possible way.  Now we focus on an evening routine as it prepares us for the most important part of our day and that is when we sleep!

For without sleep nothing is possible and the less we have, the less capable we become.  With a good night’s sleep however our physical body is energised, healed and raring to go.  Throw in a meditation practise too and you are taking ourselves to a whole new level of potential

It does require a change in attitude and lifestyle.  But doesn’t everything, when we want to change?  I have come to love who I am in ways I never thought possible.  I wake up every day, excited to be alive and that feeling just gets stronger and stronger, regardless of what lies ahead.  

My evening routine is not quite as rigid as my morning one is in terms of timings and what I do.  Like many of us, my days vary and rarely end the same way.  That said, I am passionate about this routine so typically I try to do this 4-5 evenings a week.  

As I am an early riser, I’m bed as early as possible.  I love my sleep as I know the benefits.  Quality of sleep is of utmost importance.  So after 7pm I’m already starting to prepare for mine.

No television, social media or email after 7pm (he says at 7:30pm still writing this).  News too is a big no for me.  I want a great sleep and the news doesn’t provide that.  Also restriction of light to natural only (Easy during Summer not so at Winter)

I also use this time to tidy up (yes even washing dishes) whilst being mindful of any thoughts running through my mind.  Sometimes listening to an audiobook (nothing too intense) or just simply reflecting on my day.

I am a huge fan of journaling, once I realised there are no rules like correct punctuation, spelling or that it doesn’t have to make any sense.  I was into it straight away, it’s like emptying the mind with all that nonsense.  In fact, if any of you reading this struggle to sleep I would recommend this.  I love it!!

As someone who practices and teaches Transcendental Meditation I don’t actually practise it late at night.  This due to the transcendent quality in it that naturally releases stresses and whilst that is good it can leave you a little wired at night time.    

Instead I may do a body scan or some yoga postures in preparation for rest/sleep and by 9pm-9:30pm I am feeling so relaxed I can’t wait for bed.  This has been further helped by a lack of stimulants of alcohol or caffeine and by having my main meal between 12-2pm 

I am asleep within 5-10 minutes of hitting my pillow    

Now, there will be folk that question what fun is had by having such routines and that is their prerogative.  All I can say is I have immense fun.  Every single moment of the day and best thing is it just gets better and better! 

If you would like me to elaborate on any of the above please feel free to PM me.