Tell us about yourself Vanessa?

I am an executive coach and mother of 2 grown up children. I’m 54 and live alone.

How’s life?

Life is complex and beautiful and sometimes challenging.

What drew you to meditation in the first place?

I wanted an extra resource in my life for my self as I am very independent.

What first there words come to mind when describing the benefits of meditation?

It’s a protective balm for my mind and soul and emotions

How has it affected you in the work place?

I’m much more still when listening to clients

Outside of work has there been many changes?

Yes – I am more grateful, more calm, less triggered or anxious, more happy

Why would you recommend meditation to colleagues and friends?

For all the above reasons !

Finally , anything you’d like to add?

I meditate every day and twice usually but it’s ok to just do the best you can . It is an incredible resource and makes a difference to how one experiences life. I know Andre is there if I have any questions and that is lovely 🙏

Meeting Andre for the first time was a bit like that famous scene in ‘When Harry met Sally’, in that I thought ‘I’ll have what he’s having!’ The spontaneous love and joy that radiates from him is very inspiring, and seemingly boundless, like a laughing Buddha. He’s a wonderful teacher, hugely compassionate, understanding of everyone’s journey over the course and the very embodiment of enthusiasm! Grianne

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Tell us about yourself Jessica?

I’m a general lover of life! and am passionate about many things , cooking and eating! , reading and learning, Exercising and more …. I enjoy my work , I am a self employed Massage and Beauty therapist and offer lots of different Treatments .

How’s life?

Life is good! And I’m very grateful to be back working now. Through lock down I haven’t worked much as close contact services have been closed , in the main , with glimpses of being Open . Ive had quite a lot challenges lately with grief and loss as some family members have passed away . Meditation has really helped me And has been absolutely invaluable in helping me to cope better. In general though I am feeling positive , life goes on. How many years have you been meditating On and off since I was 18 years old , but I seriously started meditating daily 12 years ago, and this was when I discovered TM meditation. Its the type of meditation that I like the best , having tried lots of other methods of meditating. I am currently very committed to my meditation practice and meditate twice daily.

What drew you to meditation in the first place?

Meditation is always something that fascinated me, even in my teenage years when I practised I felt much calmer. At 18 years old I went to visit a Buddhist monk and he taught me to focus on my breath , a very simple form of meditating. Also my mums partner at the time did yoga and meditated so I was exposed to the practise from a young age.

What first there words come to mind when describing the benefits of meditation?

Peace Re-charging A feeling of coming home to myself

How has it affected you in the work place?

My job is very busy! And pretty physically and mentally demanding. In my massage and beauty treatments I give a lot, listen a lot and It can be quite physically draining sometimes. That being said I love my job and meet some amazing clients but I do need to re-charge My energy so I can do the best job possible. Meditation gives me the deep rest, peace and energy I need at the beginning and end of my day. If you give a lot you need to equally receive A lot and for me meditation is a form of receiving energy, peace, self love and more.

Outside of work has there been many changes ? 

Yes! …. I feel more comfortable in my own skin and calmer. In the past I have gone through periods of feeling quite anxious and shy and meditation has helped me with this . Not that I don’t ever now feel anxious as I do! Sometimes ,but it is much less and easier to handle.  I am more productive and have gained confidence.  I am less tired and have more energy.  Also my relationships have improved as I am more peaceful within myself

Why would you recommend meditation to colleagues and friends? 

I find committing to regular meditation practice brings a feeling of calmness and helps to balance you on a physical , emotional and spiritual level. If I have a headache I can meditate and 9 times out of 10 it will disappear ! This has happened countless times ! If I’m feeling particularly stressed and have a buzzing mind , just showing up and meditating can help to calm me down. I have also found meditating Has an accumulative effect and I can very quickly relax myself much quicker these days than I ever could. I have become less intense! Which has a wider Effect on my relationships which is a great bonus too! I am more trusting , intuitive and generally go more with the flow of life! 

Finally , anything you’d like to add? 

If you have been thinking about trying meditation then give it go , for me it has been life changing and an invaluable daily tool to use.

Tell us about yourself Alexandra?

I am a partner in a City law firm and a mother of two.

How’s life?

Life is great! I needed a pause in my hectic life and I used the year of lockdowns to the max. My husband and I learnt TM just before the first lockdown and we used the time to establish a regular TM practice.

How many years have you been Meditating? 

I have been meditating for just over 3 years now.

What drew you to Meditation in the first place?

I was practicing Mindfulness meditation for a number of years however I felt that whilst I was enjoying it I was not loving it. I also was not sure whether I was doing it correctly. A good friend suggested that I try TM, as the technique is effortless and easy and the feeling of stress leaving you is almost imminent.

What first 3 words come to mind when describing the benefits of your Meditation Practise?

Calming, De-stressing, Energising.

How has it affected you in the workplace?

I deal with high value complex cases which can be rather challenging and stressful. TM helps me maintain focus when dealing with various urgent issues in a collected and calm way.

Outside of work has there been many changes?

Outside of work, I feel I have a lot more energy and patience which really makes a difference especially when dealing with teens.

Why would you recommend Meditation to Colleagues and Friends?

I believe everyone should meditate. Mediation is a holistic and easy way to improve the quality of life and strengthen mental health. I only wish I learnt it when I was in my early 20s.

Finally, anything you would like to add?

Since learning TM I have not missed a single session. I love it! I am so grateful to my incredible teacher Andre Berry – whose patience and great knowledge supported me throughout my first year of TM. I really look forward to each session and to many years of meditation to come